Dragons and other fantasy creatures, as well as plants and animals, are favorite subjects.

About the Artist

I have loved to draw, paint, and build all of my life. The influence of my favorite illustrated children's books is still strong, now tempered with a greater appreciation of both art history and modern illustration forms — yes, including comic books! Driven by love for art and literature, I studied both as part of a robust liberal-arts education, and united them in my graphic design career. For over a decade and counting, I've been telling stories visually through compelling use of art and graphics. I try to bring a sense of action and character to my artwork, no matter what the subject matter.

My favorite medium is pen-and-ink, but I can work in pencils, paints, digital media, or a combination of techniques — whatever is appropriate for a particular piece. I've honed my craft through years of practice and an MFA in Illustration, but I'm always learning something new. I frequently post these experiments in my blog, and if the results are good enough they show up in my store as well.

What I Can Do For You

My role as an illustrator is to help you to visually tell your tale in the best possible way. Sometimes this means a more linear information-graphic approach; sometimes it means a lush and immersive artwork that evokes a particular feeling or moment. Even an image that is considered purely decorative can reinforce the message it accompanies, and I work with my clients to make sure that I understand the message that they're trying to send.

My artwork is provided ready-to-include in a layout. I know the requirements for artwork that will be reproduced both online and in print. I can work with you to figure out what your graphics need to be, or I can work from a set list.

Many of the images in my portfolio and blog are also available for licensing; please contact me if you are interested.