A drawing of a huge cat, surrounded by smaller cats, with its paw gently resting on a girls head.

The Colony of Cats

Also known as Il Mammon Gatto, Italian folktale

A drawing of smiling woman in a crown sittting with a baby and a kitten playing on her lap, while another cat looks on.

Kisa the Cat

Icelandic Fairy Tale

Drawing of a cat wearing boots and carrying a sack walking down a road towards a castle

Puss in Boots

Traditional European folktale (originally Italian)

Drawing of a man in a graveyard confronting a crowd of black cats carrying a coffin

The King of Cats

British folklore.

Drawing of a fox alluring serving food to a skeptical one-eared cat.

The Cat Who Became Head Woodsman

Russian folktale.

Drawing of a giant black cat peeking in the window of a small house in the winter woods.

Jólakötturinn – The Yule Cat

Icelandic folklore.