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Artwork: The Firehouse Brawl

“Plug Ugly Ball” Book Illustrations


Interior illustrations for the book Plug Ugly Ball: A Mobtown Tale of Bullies and Baseball, a tale of historical fiction set in Baltimore in the late 1800s. This artwork was used on section title pages and needed to depict specific scenes from the plot in a style reminiscent of period engravings. The original ink drawings were based on extensive historic research for accurate depictions of real locations and people who appear in the story.

Client: John Thomas Everett
Publisher: Baltimore Bookworks

Sketchbook: Boxing Dinosaurs


Sketch based on an art challenge from Von Glitchka titled “Boxing Dinosaurs” — it was meant to indicate the need to fit these different type of dinosaurs into a square box, but I’d already misinterpreted it to mean something VERY different…

Ink drawing of two warriors sitting a forest

Cover Illustration for “Why”


Cover Illustration for the short fantasy story, “Why,” written by Maggie Allen for author Janine Spendlove and published by the creator-run Silence in the Library Publishing as part of a Kickstarter backer bonus. The story is a bittersweet character study that takes place in Spendlove’s “War of the Seasons” fantasy universe. I worked with both Maggie and Janine to make sure I captured the style and spirit of the characters and setting.