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The 10 of Coins Tarot Card, depicted with a happy family of elves

10 of Coins


The 10 of Coins, or 10 of Pentacles is a tarot card signifying long-term successes, like a well-lived life, and also the joy of sharing that legacy with others. This artwork was created for 78 Tarot Magical.

Digitally painted in Procreate

Client: 78 Tarot

Art direction: Delphine Lévesque Demers and Chris Malidore

The Unicorn of Water

Cohort of the Elements


These pieces illustrate the covers of a hypothetical book series. It would be a fantasy epic set in a world where the magic system is based around the traditional four elements but hinges on the mysterious fifth element “aether” that connects them all… or destroys them all.

This artwork is also available for sale on a variety of housewares in my Redbubble store.

Trillia’s Quest: Cover Art


Trillia is a mermaid character I’m developing for younger readers. She goes on a quest for ancient artifacts in order to save her village and her family. This concept art explores a potential book cover design.

Plug Ugly Ball Cover Design

“Plug Ugly Ball” Book Cover Design


Book cover design and illustration for the John Everett’s book of historical fiction, Plug Ugly Ball: A Mobtown Tale of Bullies & Baseball.

Mr. Everett wanted his cover to evoke the late 19th century time period it was set in, but we also needed to make sure it didn’t look like it belonged in the non-fiction section. Custom illustration integrating key themes of the story were combined with period engravings of the Baltimore setting to give it a historic feel with a modern sensibility. Gentle textures in the imagery and a soft matte finish on the slipcover completed the look.

Design work included all aspects of the slipcover, including the cover flaps and spine, per the printers specifications.

This project  also included custom interior illustrations that evoke period engravings.

Publisher: Baltimore Bookworks