Artwork of children exhibiting at a flower show, where the middle child has brought a monstrous glowing plant and the other children with their normal bouquets are shocked.

Show and Tell


Artwork originally created for a SCBWI event banner contest, with the given theme of “Show and Tell”

Digital artwork.

Painting of a mermaid reaching for a glowing artifact hidden in ancient ruins

Trillia’s Quest: Cover Art


Trillia is a mermaid character I’m developing for younger readers. She goes on a quest for ancient artifacts in order to save her village and her family. This concept art explores a potential book cover design.

Artwork of a sequence of three images showing a mermaid being surprised by a monstrous crustracean, fleeing from it into a cave, and discovering a hidden treasure inside

Trillia’s Quest – A Mermaid Adventure in Three Scenes


Trillia is a mermaid character I’ve been developing for younger readers. She is questing for ancient artifacts in order to save her village and her family. These three images were part of an art challenge to tell a simple, self contained story about discovering the “silver lining” to one’s troubles in just three scenes.

watercolor painting of a fox walking on hind legs with magic flames around it

Sketchbook: Kitsune


This mischievous kitsune, or fox spirit, is on its way to have some harmless fun tricking humans in a nearby village. It probably can’t make too much trouble, since it’s only powerful enough to still have one tail so far.

Drawings of colorful unicorns named after gemstones

Birthstone Unicorns


A series representing the 12 traditional birthstones as unicorns, with character designs displaying the typical characteristics associated with their respective gemstones.

These were originally created for a “Junicorn” challenge on Instagram. They are available on a variety of products in my Redbubble store.

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Scene from the book "Haley's Tale"

At the Expo


Illustration from the self-authored children’s picture book “Haley’s Tale”

Full manuscript and dummy available upon request. Contact me for access.

Ink and watercolor.

Cat Comics


Selected pages from two cat-themed comics, written and illustrated by Stephanie Smith.

Ink drawing with digital color, 2001-2002