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Sketchbook: Cicada Comics


In 2021 the Brood X Periodic Cicadas emerged in large numbers all over the mid-Atlantic. I was hearing a lot of misconceptions from friends and acquaintances, so based on new research and my experiences from 17 years ago – the last time they emerged in these numbers – I went back to my science communication days to sketch out these informational cartoons for my social media feeds.

The panels were optimized for Instagram.

“Infrared: Beyond the Visible” Animation and Comic Book


This animated video and accompanying comic book explained the fundamental concepts of infrared astronomy to be studied by the James Webb Space Telescope.

I was involved in nearly all aspects of this project, from collaborating on the initial script outlines and storyboards to animation to design of the printed comic book, which was distributed at outreach and education events.

Project management • Storyboarding • Illustration • Animation •
Video editing • Web design • Print design

Software used: 

  • Illustrations created in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash
  • Animation created in Adobe Flash and Adobe Aftereffects
  • Video editing in Adobe Premier

Produced while employed at Space Telescope Science Institute, under contract to NASA.