watercolor painting of a fox walking on hind legs with magic flames around it

Sketchbook: Kitsune


This mischievous kitsune, or fox spirit, is on its way to have some harmless fun tricking humans in a nearby village. It probably can’t make too much trouble, since it’s only powerful enough to still have one tail so far.

Cat Comics


Selected pages from two cat-themed comics, written and illustrated by Stephanie Smith.

Ink drawing with digital color, 2001-2002

Ox and Pig Together


Private commissions – the animals represent a husband and wife’s signs on the Chinese Zodiac.

Original watercolors are 20×30 inches


Insect Guardians: Braconid Wasp


Braconid Wasps, or Parasitic Wasps, are tiny insects that don’t harm humans, but assist gardeners by destroying crop-damaging hornworm caterpillars. They lay their eggs on the back of the caterpillar, and when their babies hatch they eat the caterpillar from the inside out. Gross!

Part of the “Insect Guardians,” a set of paintings depicting beneficial insects.