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Sketchbook: Cicada Comics


In 2021 the Brood X Periodic Cicadas emerged in large numbers all over the mid-Atlantic. I was hearing a lot of misconceptions from friends and acquaintances, so based on new research and my experiences from 17 years ago – the last time they emerged in these numbers – I went back to my science communication days to sketch out these informational cartoons for my social media feeds.

The panels were optimized for Instagram.

Sketchbook: Trillia’s Quest storyboards


Over the course of 77 separate panels, Trillia the mermaid goes on a quest to save her village from a dangerous blight.

This story was created during the Journey Through June Instagram challenge, to create an entire new story out of thumbnail images in one month using prompts based on the classic “Hero’s Journey” structure. The sketches were deliberately kept rough to meet the hectic pace of daily posting, and were accompanied by only brief captions.

watercolor painting of a fox walking on hind legs with magic flames around it

Sketchbook: Kitsune


This mischievous kitsune, or fox spirit, is on its way to have some harmless fun tricking humans in a nearby village. It probably can’t make too much trouble, since it’s only powerful enough to still have one tail so far.

Cat Portraits


My own cats, Tinkerbell the tiny tabby and Simon the tuxedo tomcat, are frequent models. These selected ink drawings from my sketchbook are from 2016-2018.

Sketchbook: Boxing Dinosaurs


Sketch based on an art challenge from Von Glitchka titled “Boxing Dinosaurs” — it was meant to indicate the need to fit these different type of dinosaurs into a square box, but I’d already misinterpreted it to mean something VERY different…