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Artwork of children exhibiting at a flower show, where the middle child has brought a monstrous glowing plant and the other children with their normal bouquets are shocked.

Show and Tell


Artwork originally created for a SCBWI event banner contest, with the given theme of “Show and Tell”

Digital artwork.

Drawings of colorful unicorns named after gemstones

Birthstone Unicorns


A series representing the 12 traditional birthstones as unicorns, with character designs displaying the typical characteristics associated with their respective gemstones.

These were originally created for a “Junicorn” challenge on Instagram. They are available on a variety of products in my Redbubble store.

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Sketchbook: Boxing Dinosaurs


Sketch based on an art challenge from Von Glitchka titled “Boxing Dinosaurs” — it was meant to indicate the need to fit these different type of dinosaurs into a square box, but I’d already misinterpreted it to mean something VERY different…