Kickstarter promo for Five of Wands in 78 Tarot Animal

The Five of Wands for 78 Tarot Animal

Artwork of children exhibiting at a flower show, where the middle child has brought a monstrous glowing plant and the other children with their normal bouquets are shocked.

Show and Tell

A drawing of a huge cat, surrounded by smaller cats, with its paw gently resting on a girls head.

A Book of Cat Folktales

Painting of a mermaid reaching for a glowing artifact hidden in ancient ruins

Trillia’s Quest: Cover Art

Artwork of a sequence of three images showing a mermaid being surprised by a monstrous crustracean, fleeing from it into a cave, and discovering a hidden treasure inside

Trillia’s Quest – A Mermaid Adventure in Three Scenes

watercolor painting of a fox walking on hind legs with magic flames around it

Sketchbook: Kitsune

Painting of a robot in a cart being pulled through outer space by a flock of robot birds

Travelling in Style

Robot Birds

Wishing on the Stars

Tiny Monsters

Concept Art for Haley’s Tale

Sketchbook: Mermaids of #Mermay

Birthstone Unicorns

Birthstone Unicorns

Year of the Rat

Scene from the book "Haley's Tale"

Sisters Plotting

Scene from the book "Haley's Tale"

At the Expo

Cat Comics

Cat Comics

Sketchbook: Dino Surprise

Ox and Pig Together

Insect Guardians: Braconid Wasp

Insect Guardians: Ladybugs on the Attack

Cat Portraits

War Horse Book Illustrations

Fish Story


Burning Democracy



Crafting a Better Environment

Crafting a Better Environment

Sketchbook: Boxing Dinosaurs

Sketchbook: Robot Animals

Ink drawing of two warriors sitting a forest

Cover Illustration for “Why”

Zodiac Animals

The Floral Alphabet

March for the Animals

“Tropical Delusion” Book Illustrations

Under the Garden

Aesop’s “Fables” – Part 2

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