A drawing of a huge cat, surrounded by smaller cats, with its paw gently resting on a girls head.

A Book of Cat Folktales

Painting of a mermaid reaching for a glowing artifact hidden in ancient ruins

Trillia’s Quest: Cover Art

Artwork of a sequence of three images showing a mermaid being surprised by a monstrous crustracean, fleeing from it into a cave, and discovering a hidden treasure inside

Trillia’s Quest – A Mermaid Adventure in Three Scenes

watercolor painting of a fox walking on hind legs with magic flames around it

Sketchbook: Kitsune

Painting of a robot in a cart being pulled through outer space by a flock of robot birds

Travelling in Style

Robot Birds

Wishing on the Stars

Tiny Monsters

Concept Art for Haley’s Tale

Sketchbook: Mermaids of #Mermay

Birthstone Unicorns

Birthstone Unicorns

Year of the Rat

Scene from the book "Haley's Tale"

Sisters Plotting

Scene from the book "Haley's Tale"

At the Expo

Sketchbook: Dino Surprise

Ox and Pig Together

Insect Guardians: Braconid Wasp

Insect Guardians: Ladybugs on the Attack

Cat Portraits

The Legend of the White Snake

War Horse Book Illustrations

Fish Story


Burning Democracy



Crafting a Better Environment

Crafting a Better Environment

Sketchbook: Boxing Dinosaurs

Sketchbook: Robot Animals

Ink drawing of two warriors sitting a forest

Cover Illustration for “Why”

Zodiac Animals

The Floral Alphabet

March for the Animals

“Tropical Delusion” Book Illustrations

Under the Garden

Aesop’s “Fables” – Part 2

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