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Artwork: The Firehouse Brawl

“Plug Ugly Ball” Book Illustrations


Interior illustrations for the book Plug Ugly Ball: A Mobtown Tale of Bullies and Baseball, a tale of historical fiction set in Baltimore in the late 1800s. This artwork was used on section title pages and needed to depict specific scenes from the plot in a style reminiscent of period engravings. The original ink drawings were based on extensive historic research for accurate depictions of real locations and people who appear in the story.

Client: John Thomas Everett
Publisher: Baltimore Bookworks

Plug Ugly Ball Cover Design

“Plug Ugly Ball” Book Cover Design


Book cover design and illustration for the John Everett’s book of historical fiction, Plug Ugly Ball: A Mobtown Tale of Bullies & Baseball.

Mr. Everett wanted his cover to evoke the late 19th century time period it was set in, but we also needed to make sure it didn’t look like it belonged in the non-fiction section. Custom illustration integrating key themes of the story were combined with period engravings of the Baltimore setting to give it a historic feel with a modern sensibility. Gentle textures in the imagery and a soft matte finish on the slipcover completed the look.

Design work included all aspects of the slipcover, including the cover flaps and spine, per the printers specifications.

This project  also included custom interior illustrations that evoke period engravings.

Publisher: Baltimore Bookworks

Celebrate the Seasons


The Colorado State Lottery needed a series of period-style illustrations integrating the fun of scratch-off tickets into classic depictions of holiday celebrations for a campaign with the tagline “Celebrate… like they have for generations.” Client needed art that looked antique, reminiscent of engravings from the 19th or early 20th century, to evoke the traditional roots of each holiday.

Client: Colorado State Lottery
Design Firm: Cactus, Denver
Art Direction: Allie Edwards
Artwork of Leda and Jupiter

Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”


Book illustrations for a proposed edition of the classic of Greek mythology, “Metamorphoses.” The stories are all about different kinds of transformation; this series focuses on people transforming into animals, usually after running afoul of one of the gods.